, a virtual war zone as mob families and members try to become the wealthiest in the land.

Build your ranks by scouting for prostitutes to work the streets, pushers to make/sell your drugs, and hit men for doing your dirty work. Start or join a family to take over the town and beat others down.

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See if you have what it takes to rule the world!

MobFather is a game that is played using Turns. 10 Turns are given free every 5 minutes or when a player in the game purchases turns. Turns are used from building networth (Scouting for Prostitutes/Pushers/Hit Men and Making crank) to attacking other players in the game.

You have a few main people in your inventory; Hit Men, Prostitutes, Pushers, and Cops. Prostitutes make you money and Pushers make crank, both increasing your networth in the game. Buy making crank and money you can buy protection (Hit Men and guns). Hit men also need Veno (wine) to keep them happy. Your Prostitutes, Pushers, and Hit men all need to stay happy or else they will leave you when you do any action in the game. You can find out how happy they are by looking in your inventory in the Parameter section. If their happiness level fall below 75%, some will leave you. The lower the level the more will leave when you do any action. To keep them happy they need the following:

  • Pushers: Crank, Hit Men and Cops
  • Prostitutes: Condoms, Crank and Hit Men
  • Hit Men: Veno, Weapons (Pistols, Uzis, or Machine Guns), and Trucks/Cadillac's

At first buy Pistols for you Hit men since they are the cheapest guns. As you get more hit men start buying better weapons. The better and more costly the weapon is the more hit men you will kill!!

Use your turns to crank and scout for new pushers, prostitutes, and hit men. The more of them you have the more money you will make per each turn used. Just make sure after every time you scout or make crank to look at your happiness levels for those guys and buy the condoms, crank, veno, and guns needed until they are 100% happy.

These are the main steps you can take to understanding the game and how to jump in and play quickly raising your networth.



Coming soon on Android!

Watch for the Mobfather Android app on the Google Play store and the Kindle store.